Marco Christoph Lunge. CRA - and more.

My name is Marco Christoph Lunge. Born in 1984 in Germany with a carefree childhood and very early interest in science, research and medicine.


Since 2013 I am a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). In more than 30 clinical studies and non-interventional studies I got the the necessary experience in clinical trials to be a successful CRA.

A job, so nice - I hesitiate to call it "work". 


A solid basis to understand scientific and medical coherence is my study of medical economics (Bachelor of Science). Because of my apprenticeship and occupation as administrative official and executive assistant in clinical context I have a highly developed organisational skills and not least because of my occupation as patient manager high and distinct skills in interpersonal communication - essential to be a good CRA!

I am working also as docent and mentor for junior CRAs  and study coordinator. Apart from established GCP knowledge the advanced training should not to come off badly - therefore I study "Clinical Trial Managing" (Master of Science) extra occupational.


My office is based in Cologne, Germany. The traffic connections national and international are excellent. I am working within the EU.

To conduct a clinical study it is important to understand each other. German is my native language followed by an indigenous education in the English language. Due to my passion for the Netherlands I also made a course for Dutch followed by a state examination in Amsterdam in 2016 (NT-II certificate).

Choose a job you love - and you will never have to work a day in your life. Konfuzius.